The Tainted. That name though. Eyeball grabbing and click bait, eh ? I admit, I’ve wanted to try the Smith & Cult brand for SO long, because their packaging gets me everytime. EVERYTIME ! But, I am not into glosses much. Their nail polishes were so cute, but somehow I never got anything.

And then recently while browsing Birchbox, I saw they released a new lip product called ‘The Tainted Lip Stain‘ (24$ each for 5.5ml/0.19oz) . I was sucked right in. It is available in two shades, Linger Sigh and Sweet Suite. Again, with those names ! I die !

Since this was marketed as a lip stain, I got the darker shade, Sweet Suite. And I prayed it wasn’t a candy pink. And thankfully, it isn’t. I could not find any kind of description on the official site, but this was what Birchbox had to say:

“There’s only one place we welcome stains: on our lips. This smooth, hydrating balm nourishes and protects lips while giving us a boost of long-lasting natural color for a your-lips-but-better stained look. Hydrating peptides bond with water to smooth and soften dry skin, while green tea extract protects lips with a boost of antioxidants.”


Let me state right off, that I am not a gloss/balmy lipstick kinda gal. I prefer matte lipsticks most times. I am also blessed with lips which always look like I’ve been stuck on a desert with no water for weeks.  I liked that this was marketed as a hydrating product, but at the same time, I never really liked glossy lip look on me, no matter how hydrating a product was.

After trying this out every day after I received this, I am a convert. This has a gel/oil kind of feel on the lips. It’s not oily, but slick. There is no tackiness what so ever. And it glides on very smoothly. The color, when you pull it out of the tube, is a light coral pink, but after a few minutes, it deepens up and looks like a lovely light warm pink color. And after about 2/3 hours, the shine disappears and you are left with a very pretty stain that stays or hours. Trust me, I went to the gym with this and even through a sweaty gym session, it stayed put.

The most cutest thing about this stain though is the packaging. I love that on the cardboard box it says “Diary of a beauty junkie”. So very cute. And the lip stain itself is gold colored piece of art.

I have thrown this in my handbag, and this is really lovely for the spring/summer.

Happy Monday peeps ! Have you tried this yet ?



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  1. April 18, 2016 / 09:16

    Great post and your photos are amazing! It would also be great if you could check out my blog for me! 🙂

    • April 19, 2016 / 08:33

      Thank you Dom ! Yeah, their nail polishes sound impressive but the price is kinda up there ! Xx ❤️

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