If you’ve been following my Instagram (if you aren’t, what are you waiting for?!) or know me well, then you know about my obsession with mixing lipsticks. I do this all the time simply because I love love LOVE lipsticks !

I have way too many and I always want to use as many as I can. So much so that there have been days where I mixed 5 plus colors – oooh, yes. That happened. Moving on !

Something about longer lasting lip colors, and getting to play with customizing your lip color and having fun, in general, yanno ?

My current favorite ? I’ve really been loving using MAC Mehr first on my lips, this is a cool tone pinky nude on me. I do like this on its own, and on tanned skin this shade is pure perfection for summer. But, I layer Jeffree Star Gemini, a warmer terracota nude, on top of this for some extra pouty-ness (is that even a word!?)

It just looks like a match made in heaven. I mean it. What lip blends have you been loving lately ?


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