No, it is not click bait. It’s just the new release of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks called Hot Lips, inspired by the many wonderful women that Charlotte has interacted with. And from this release 2$ from every lipstick sale goes to a charity. Do we need more incentive to shop really ?

So, the collection has 12 lipsticks inspired by celebrities. And the lipsticks are a mix of the original Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick line and her Matte Revolution. They retail for 32$, and as I said 2$ from every purchase goes to charity, Women for Women UK.

Currently, in the United States, I believe you can get them only from her own website, Charlotte Tilbury. I also swatched the shades I own from the existing matte revolution line, as I’ve never done their swatches on my blog before.

So, let’s dive into the Hot Lips,

As you can see the shades are all STUNNING. We have Tell Laura (Laura Bailey), Miranda May (Miranda Kerr), Super Cindy (Cindy Crawford) and Kidman’s Kiss (Nicole Kidman). And the formula for all of these is the loved matte formula. The color description from the website is off from how they actually are, and while all of these are mattes I notice that Super Cindy has tiny micro sparkles. I adore them all, the shades are summery and they feel amazing. And that’s where my raves end.

I have been a long time lover of her beauty line, but I’ve also faced some issues with her products. The most frustrating products being lipsticks. I don’t know if it’s a packaging issue, but lipsticks, both the cream and matte ones, keep getting nicked quite a bit when you wind them up or down.

I just cannot be okay with that, for a 32$ lipstick. And after the 5th time now, I’m honesty disappointed. These Hot Lips were a new launch and the brand could’ve made changes, if they desired before this launch.

Hardly two hours after I received these new lipsticks, 2 of my lipsticks started being nicked, and all I did was swatch them at this point. This was totally unacceptable.

I wrote a long, curt letter. And put them back in the returns box, when I notice on the Charlotte Tilbury website that they do NOT refund or exchange used lipsticks. My temper flared, through the roof. If this was Nordstrom or Beautylish, I could atleast expect a refund or exchange. And now, returning 2 of these lipsticks would be 64$ just going to complete waste.

I wanted the Charlotte Tilbury team to receive my letter, though I don’t know if they will bother reading it. But I couldn’t just part with 64$. So I retuned 1 lipstick and retained the other. Though I will forever be unhappy looking at it getting nicked everytime I use it. I am SO disappointed.

If you would want to try these beautiful shades, you can get them here. What are your favorite Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks ? Have you had any such experience like I did with her lipsticks ? XO



    • August 2, 2016 / 09:11

      Hey Jenny ! Thank you, yeah, they are very pretty. For some reason your comments all seem to go to spam for me ? Sorry, that;s why it took this long to reply. XO

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