I am a lipstick addict. I’m not kidding, I buy at least 4 lipsticks a week! I have two packages coming as I write this. But, I do have a new favorite. Bite Beauty revamped their lipstick line. It was out with the Luminous Creme lipstick line and in with the new Amuse Bouche lipsticks.

Front: Sweet Cream Back: Verbena

Now, I might be the only one in the whole world who didn’t get along with their Luminous Creme line. Personally, I found it was too creamy and a bit drying. Weird, but true. So, I was more than a little skeptical if I’ll like the new line. I now own two shades and plan on getting a few more. It’s pure love.

L – R: Verbena and Sweet Cream

These lipsticks retail for 26$ for 0.15oz, which is a pretty great price point. In comparison, Marc Jacobs Le Marc is 30$ for 0.12oz and NARS Audacious are 32$ for 0.14oz.  They smell like citrus, extremely lemony scent, which I really like. It smells very refreshing, but it doesn’t linger long.

Sweet Cream

The best thing about this lipstick is, I’ve tried matte lipsticks. A lot of them. This one is not a matte exactly, but it’s also not a satin or glossy finish. It just looks like a beautiful lipstick on, and makes my lips look really really good. Now, what I was most impressed was that it doesn’t taste bad, the one thing I disliked about their Luminous Creme line. Of course, I don’t eat lipstick ! This is when I lick my lips or eat food !

And these do stay on really long on me. I can have them on for 4-6 hours, if I don’t eat anything greasy. I have the colors Verbena, described as a rose terracota and Sweet Cream, described as a muted peach. Don’t they look scrumptious ! The only thing I don’t like about these, an issue that continues from the Luminous Creme line is that these lipsticks sweat very easily as you can see. This just worries me as they may go bad really fast.

Overall. Love these for spring and summer. They’re handbag staples ! Have you tried these ? Any shade recommendations ?


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    • April 22, 2016 / 08:23

      Thank you Annie ! Did you pick up anything from this line ?

      Hope you have a lovely weekend ! Xx ❤️

      • April 22, 2016 / 08:45

        I can’t because they’re not available in this part of the world! but I did received two items from a beautiful American lady! love them both! 😉 xx

        • April 22, 2016 / 09:11

          Aw ! That’s sad ! Does Sephora ship to your country ? So glad you did receive these as a gift though ! Xx <3 🙂

          • April 25, 2016 / 02:24

            I HAVE Sephora in my country lovely! the only turn off is that they don’t stock all the brands I’m interested in! :/

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